Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft continues to be the world’s largest software company. With Microsoft’s domination of business software such as Office 365, most companies use Microsoft products every day in one capacity or another. We can help guide you through Microsoft’s offerings and help you make decisions on which products and services will help your business and online efforts.


Whether you want an intranet to keep your employees up-to-date or a file-sharing portal, SharePoint provides the type of functionality you need. We have built intranets in SharePoint, and we can show you how an  intranet can serve many different purposes for your business, including a storehouse of fundamental information, a news portal, a gateway to policies and procedures, a comprehensive list of contact information, a connection to educational resources, and more.

Internet Information Server (IIS)

IIS is Microsoft’s Internet server option, and it contains robust functionality, especially for other Microsoft products such as SharePoint. We can set up and configure your server and provide you with support as well. Depending on what you are planning to offer on the server, we can guide you on whether or not IIS is the right choice for your application.

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL is a database system that offers high-availability for both small and large websites, including high-volume websites. Depending on your application, SQL server could be the right solution.

Windows Server

Windows Server is a powerful server operating system. It can deliver large-scale web applications and might be the right fit for your business. We can go over the pros and cons of Windows Server for your particular needs.

Office 365

Office 365 takes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other programs to the next level with cloud hosted services. The Office 365 suite of products can increase your productivity and communication within your workspace. We can show you how to make the most of what Office 365 has to offer.


Hyper-V helps you create virtual server environments on Windows Server. This helps increase redundancy and speed up processes, giving your web applications a more stable environment in which to thrive. We can show you how Hyper-V can work with your Microsoft technologies.

Azure Cloud Services

Azure Cloud Services let you scale your web applications as needed and provides support such as site monitoring and load balancing. You can integrate with Visual Studio, and they offer both development/test and production environments so that you can test your changes before rolling them live. Plus, you can get a SLA (service level agreement) to protect your up-time and handle anything that comes up. We can help you decide if Azure Cloud Services is the right fit for you.


Our development team is well-versed in the .NET framework. We can determine when .NET is the right framework for coding an application or API and make recommendations for infrastructure.