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Design is not how it looks. Design is how it works.

Mobile phone showing Able Engine connecting users and clientsThe above statement is similar to one made by Steve Jobs of Apple, and it’s the most accurate and succinct way to describe how a successful interface should be defined.

A proper design should work smoothly when users engage with it. Design can certainly be attractive, but it is useless in the cases of websites, mobile apps, and web platforms without functional effectiveness.

Emphasis on User-Centric Design

What is User-Centric Design? It’s the use of product owner expertise and experience mixed with design and development skills while utilizing data and feedback to produce a great experience for the end user. The end result of any project should not be produced for our personal preferences, nor should it be designed for our clients if their intent is to build something for their own customers or viewers. We use this process to create web and mobile interfaces, and the steps we follow are below.

Elements of the Design Process

  • Requirements Gathering — All project stakeholders provide input to create a requirements document.
  • User Modeling — Product owners and designers create user stories and storyboards.
  • Design Planning — Product owners, designers, marketers, and developers meet to create concepts that reflect goals and requirements.
  • Information Architecture — Organize the information according to site structure, navigation and actions.
  • Wire Frame Design — We create diagrams of various user interfaces to elicit critical feedback and then make revisions based on that input.
  • Visual Design — We create near-real interfaces using a brand’s imagery, colors, styles, and other identity elements.

Results of the Design Process

  • A complete set of pre-development layouts for reference by developers
  • A complete set of compressed images in JPG, PNG and GIF formats as well as vector files in SVG format
  • Source graphics with layer/artboard naming and descriptions for future use

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