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One set of web code produces many presentations.

Responsive websites are those which have a single code base which produces layouts within browsers based on the device viewing the website in question. That means, if you’re viewing a site on a smart phone, you’ll see it optimized for that device. When you’re in front of a desktop display and viewing that same site, you’ll see it optimized for that much larger screen. But the website owner–you, in this case–doesn’t have to create two or more websites. It’s the same site, but it’s being presented in multiple ways.

Responsive Website Development Devices

Diagram of responsive website development

Overview of Responsive Websites

A responsive website has code which “responds” to the screen resolution of the device being used to view it.  The website will be presented differently on a smart phone vs. a laptop, but it is essentially the same website. The amount or type of content can change based on the device, or the site owner can choose to present everything on a given page to all devices.

The End Result of Responsive Web Development

We use flexible grid systems such as ZURB Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap, device-specific images, and media queries to help our clients produce websites which are optimized for an enormous array of screens, no matter how large or small they may be. The development of a website is one of the crucial steps in our process, falling immediately after the design phase. Once wire frames have been approved and interface designs given the green light, our developers create the code necessary to present the website online to be viewed in web browsers.

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