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What is Product Management and Development?

Product management is the strategic oversight of development, launch, marketing and improvement of a digital product or service. Product development is the process of building a fully functional product and then iterating to improve and enhance it.

It is important to note that Product Management is not solely about developing a product while that is obviously one important part, it is also about researching, marketing, strategizing, communicating, interacting with customers, analyzing and supporting the product or service. Product Management is not overseeing the day to day development of the product, that is the role of the project manager. The Product Manager’s responsibilities are at a higher level and often focused on the future rather than today.

How Does Product Management work?

Product Management is a process that involves all aspects of managing the product from a business perspective. This includes research into the market segment the product will be launched, potential customers and their habits, strategizing on how the product can take advantage of the research, setting goals and objectives, timeline, communicating plans to executives, team members and customers, coordinating with development teams building or enhancing the product, testing, evaluating feedback, data analysis, measuring goals and objectives and ongoing support. This process is iterative so that the product can be launched and then the process can continue so that the product can be continuously improved.

How Does Product Development work?

Product Development is a process that involves all aspects of developing a product. This includes conceptualizing and designing the product, creating a product roadmap, developing a minimum viable product, releasing the product to users and iterative development to improve the product on an ongoing basis. The process can be used continuously to develop product improvements indefinitely into the future.

How Can Able Engine Help with Product Management and Development?

Able Engine can manage all aspects of product management and development for your organization or we can take over specific tasks in the process. We can also consult with your team on how to make improvements to the process, product or team.

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