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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making improvements to your website content to improve rankings in search engine results. It is often referred to as “organic search” because the process is very similar to tending a garden. You can choose a spot with optimal sunlight, plant good seeds, fertilize the soil, and water and weed the garden. However, at the end of the day it is out of your control where precisely you rank in a search engine result set because of the proprietary algorithm the search engines—primarily Google and Bing—utilize.

That doesn’t mean you can’t set your website up for success. It just means it takes effort and strategy to rank as highly as possible. There is a lot of expertise required to thoroughly understand all the ins and outs of improving your website’s SEO. This expertise takes years of hard work, effort and experience to obtain, and it is always evolving as search engines update their algorithms over time to improve their accuracy, taking new technologies, methodologies and techniques into account. Using an experienced and proven SEO consultant can save you a ton of time, mistakes and misery and is the shortest distance to SEO success.

SEO Experience

  • Able Engine has been in business since 1999.
  • We have consulted with clients from the earliest days of the web’s link directories to the complex search engine algorithms of today to improve their search engine driven traffic.
  • We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to improve their search engine rankings to consistently outperform their competitors over time.
  • The array of industries we’ve served is incredibly wide.

SEO Example

We have worked with Commerce Lexington on for the last few years to improve their SEO. Their primary focus is on companies which may be interested in starting up in Lexington, KY or potentially relocating to the city. The SEO plan we have implemented together focuses on achieving this goal through targeted keyword content, overall copy optimization, increasing inbound links and many other incremental improvements. The strategy has seen incremental improvement over time of their targeted keyword ranking, and it has generated dozens of qualified leads throughout the campaign.

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