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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Diagram of SEM/PPC ad locations in a search results set

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is most commonly known as the process of buying paid listings on search engines. This is called Pay Per Click, or PPC.

A well-known example on Google comes from the paid ad listingw which are often displayed as the first three spots above the organic search results. This is why Search Engine Marketing is often called “paid search.”

Over the years, search engine marketing has become very complex. The pricing is variable and often times bid or auction driven, and pricing also fluctuates based upon the site purchasing the ad and its authority. Budgets are allocated and can be set on a daily basis or over a time period such as monthly, and other options are also available.

Ad placements can be targeted based upon keywords, demographics, location, and more. There are nearly limitless possibilities for the variables that can go into the when, where and why ad placements display. Using an SEM consultant will ensure that the money you budget will be spent strategically to achieve the best ROI possible.

Search Engine Marketing Experience

  • Able Engine has been in business for more than 20 years.
  • From the earliest days creating links in web directories to the complex search engines of today, we have guided our clients along the way to improve their search driven traffic.
  • We have worked with hundreds of clients throughout the last 20 years to improve their sites’ search engine marketing to consistently outperform their competitors.
  • Our clients’ industries include agriculture, medical, sports, technology, construction, and more.
  • Strong partnership with our clients are the core of successful projects, and collaborations on strategic plans and continuous incremental improvements are the the pathways to reaching our clients’ goals.

Search Engine Marketing Example

Able Engine has worked with Kenwood Racing for the last couple of years on search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Kenwood Racing’s business is in the Thoroughbred horse industry, and its efforts are focused regionally in specific locations often centered around race tracks. We work together to purchase ads that strategically target these areas of focus to generate qualified leads that have the potential to turn into customers while staying within their fixed monthly budget and producing tremendous ROI.

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