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What are Cloud Services?

Definition: A service offered to users on demand via the web from a cloud computing provider’s servers as opposed to being provided from a company’s own on-site servers. These services are designed to provide scalable access to applications, resources and services, and they are managed completely by a given cloud services provider.

Examples of Cloud Services: Email, File Storage, Data Storage, Office Suites and Collaboration Services, Desktops, Servers, Databases, etc.

Cloud Service Providers: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud

Cloud Services are Widespread

According to Statista, “80% of enterprises are both running apps on or experimenting with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their preferred cloud platform. 67% of enterprises are running apps on (45%) and experimenting on (22%) the Microsoft Azure platform.”

Source: Statista, Current and Planned Usage of Public Cloud Platform Services Running Applications Worldwide in 2018

Able Engine is Experienced in Cloud Services

We have a wealth of experience with cloud services and cloud service providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Most businesses don’t have IT resources with the experience necessary to implement and integrate cloud services successfully or completely in their organization, and that is where we come in. We can partner with your team to develop a strategic plan for cloud services which will meet and achieve your cloud services goals.

Reasons to Select Able Engine Cloud Services Consulting

We see a number of reasons cloud services are not successfully implemented and integrated within an organization:

  • Businesses don’t even know where to begin and/or don’t have an IT staff or resources
  • Businesses don’t have IT staff with the necessary qualifications and experience with cloud services
  • Businesses have implemented cloud services ad-hoc without a comprehensive plan and strategy
  • IT resources understand the technology but not the business processes, workflows and/or people that are necessary for a successful integration.

Our experience with cloud services allow us to work with your team on a world-class architecture that will not only allow you to use the cutting edge services available, but also increase reliability and performance, scale to meet the demands of your business and your customers, and cut costs to improve your firm’s bottom line. We have worked with dozens of clients on successful cloud services projects over the years, and we can do the same for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you implement and improve your business with cloud services!

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