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We act as a virtual Chief Technology Officer for your team.

Over the years we continued to learn that an important service that was missing from our lineup. We were providing solutions to a wide array of clients, but some of those organizations didn’t have the wherewithal to make crucial decisions to properly implement technical decisions related to their current and future needs. In many cases they relied on us at the spur of the moment to give them guidance on business problems related to hardware, software, infrastructure, web and mobile apps, the cloud, and more.

A New Service is Born

The need for a strong tech background in almost all organizations prompted us to offer our business technology consulting service. Members of our team work onsite and offsite at varying times as a virtual CTO, or chief technology officer, rather than an outside consultant who provides insights here or there as requested. We actually fulfill the role of your team’s CTO when one is absent. That includes attending meetings, having discussions with organization leaders, helping decide which route to take regarding various technologies, taking the time to understand past decisions, and so on.

What a Virtual CTO Means to You

Your company or organization can reap long-term benefits from including a CTO in your decision-making process. The service is temporary based on your needs, and we can work in your location or our office, which includes screen sharing, as needed, which means you don’t necessarily need to have a full-time, onsite CTO when a temporary one who has your best interests at heart is available to you only when you require one.

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