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Kentucky Steel

Project Overview

Kentucky Steel's logo, brand presentation and website had grown a bit stale, so they selected us to revamp all of it. After multiple iterations and modifications, we produced a strong logo with numerous methods for presenting it in both digital and real-world scenarios. The website was a relatively quick build utilizing a WordPress theme.

Kentucky Steel red and blue logo

Logo with services line

Kentucky Steel logo with tagline: America's Best Buy in Steel Buildings

Logo with circular tagline

Home page design on a desktop screen

Home page design with full-screen photo

United States red map on a mobile tablet

Tagline map on a mobile tablet

Four icons: view kits, request quote, free catalog, and contact us

Custom icons for home page layout

Logo presented on a coffee mug

Logo on a coffee mug

Logo shown printed on paper

Logo presented on textured paper

Kentucky Steel business card design

Business card front and back design

Red and blue logo on a white t-shirt

Logo on t-shirt

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