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Able Engine Responsive Website Has Launched

Posted 2020-11-12T20:04:33+00:00December 11th, 2018 by Luther Andal

A New Able Engine Responsive Website with Expanded Content

Able Engine launched a responsive website in 2017, but it lacked a few crucial services and a gallery of projects we’ve completed. Both are useful to our potential clients understanding what we do, so it missed the target. Recently we decided to re-build the site so it was more complete. Because it was larger, the new site contained a full list of services and examples of our work. Also, the design was a more bold and striking. Now we’ve launched a new version of the Able Engine responsive website less than two years after our earlier one.

In addition to the expanded info, we see the development of a new website as a tool for reconsidering what we do. It’s an opportunity for rethinking how navigation works, a chance to provide a visual refresh, and more. Furthermore, we assign new developers and interns to work on it as a teaching aid to promote the enhancement of their skills. Thus it’s a great way to help them learn without slowing down current client projects.

A series of website features are noted below.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Interface

The new Able Engine responsive website optimizes its layout based upon the size of the screen of the device that is viewing it. Google has started to rank sites that are mobile-friendly higher than sites that are not, so a responsive site is the only real option.

Defaults to HTTPS (Secure)

The site has a secure certificate installed which allows for the connection between the web browser viewing the web page and the server delivering to content to maintain an encrypted connection so that it is as secure as possible. Not only does this add a layer of security, Google has started to mark sites that do not default to HTTPS as non-secure.

Vertical Scrolling Design

Many remember when there was a focus on designing websites so that primary content was “above the scroll.” That means the content that was visible on the screen without having to scroll down the page. The adoption of mobile devices has contributed to scrolling becoming a common way to move through information on pages. Today this has become the norm for desktop and laptop designs as well.


To successfully market a website, it is vital to get user engagement. Sites can guide users to perform actions like submitting a contact form or signing up for e-news. One of the fundamental digital marketing techniques employed to achieve this is the placement of call-to-action buttons and forms on the site strategically in the eye path so that when a visitor is interested the call-to-action is there and ready for them.

Content Marketing

According to research, customers generally care about your product and services 1% or less of the time. This makes sense, as we are largely caught up in our own interests and only rarely think about a product or service until we need it. Content marketing is a powerful solution. It is the process of creating content of interest to customers that overlaps with the site’s products and services. Creating content that appeals to customers’ interests while they view a website is a great way to keep their attention and potentially lead them to make contact.

Customer-Focused Design

A website’s primary purpose is to provide information and to make it easy to engage with the site. That is why it’s so important to know their needs, wants, desires, etc. When we design websites, we are always focused on the primary user of the site, typically our client’s customers. We took the same approach with this site by focusing on you, our current or potential clients. The graphic design, navigation, information architecture, calls-to-action, content, etc. were all designed, developed and chosen with you in mind in order to make the site easier and more intuitive for you to use.


We are excited with the launch our new website, and we’re ready to share more information in blogs. Also, we want to add interesting graphics and project images, and make moving around the site incredibly easy. We’re happy to speak to both current and potential clients alike, so feel free to contact us.

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